The Terrorist Who Wasn’t

My new novel, “The Terrorist Who Wasn’t” has launched! It’s available on Amazon at

The novel is an alternate history-mystery that takes place in the 1990s. The story includes secret behind-the-scenes events that trigger major changes in America’s future.

Could a foolish mistake by a minor criminal change the outcome of two key PresidentialTTWW-Tiny+Buy elections? Could a few dedicated people “connect the dots” to foil the most brutal terrorist plot in history?

Scott Benison, an author, global politics expert, and magazine publisher takes part in an unusual undercover investigation at the request of the White House staff. Acting on information that may damage the President’s administration, Scott and his White House colleague look into a “new age” academy in Tennessee—legally a tax-exempt church—that may be laundering terrorist funds through its accounts. But a murder committed during the undercover operation drives Scott instead to assist the FBI in identifying the killer.

As the investigation begins, Scott discovers that the academy’s leader, known as “the Guru,” has disappeared. He may have been a kidnap victim, or he may have joined the suspected terrorist organization. The FBI considers him to be a “person of interest,” or possibly a dead man. Is the Guru a terrorist or a man of peace? And how much does he know about the murder?

After encountering numerous twists and turns, Scott receives secret communications from the Guru, with information about a horrendous terrorist operation that would kill thousands of people. Scott and his law enforcement associates race against time to identify, locate and capture more than 30 terrorists, located in four different states, to stop the deadly jihadist operation. As they work to connect scraps of vital information, a dangerous Pakistani jihadist protects the clandestine terrorist operation by confusing investigators and murdering potential information sources.


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