Should I Write This Book?

I need YOUR opinion, especially if you are from Stamford or a book lover.

Though I’ve been fairly successful in publishing two novels, I am considering writing a different kind of story, a novel or a novelette (shorter version) based on a true story that began when I was a young teenager, in my hometown of Stamford, CT. This novel would be a “coming of age” story with central characters based on my best friend of that time and me, as well as a mystery.

Back in those Cold War days, many Americans were worried about “Communists among us.” My friend—I’ll call him Jon—and I shared a real world confrontation with some potentially bad people. We kept the incident secret and never told the story to anyone. Nevertheless, It followed us into our adult lives with profound consequences.

The book I’m considering would also include  characters based on our friends, and real places in and around downtown Stamford of the 1960s, offering memories of a simpler time.

The picture following this post is a simple mockup of a cover for this yet unwritten story. I put the cover together to provide a feel for the book.

My questions to you: Would people from Stamford be interested in this kind of story? I’m not looking for a commitment to buy the book. But at this point, I need to know whether it would capture your interest. If you think it’s a weak idea, please let me know that as well. If you have any other advice, I’d love to read your comments here, or in a private Facebook message.



2 thoughts on “Should I Write This Book?

  1. It it helps Hillary become president, don’t writ it, otherwise, Absolutely….Go for it! I like your writing and there is probably wisdom in changing themes away from alternative history.


  2. The same holds true for this as holds true for any piece of writing (including blog comments): If you WANT to say a thing, you’ll say it more easily than if you HAVE to say a thing.Tell the story – don’t make a chore of it – and I’ll be proud to edit it when you’re done.


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